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About Us

Garden Center Maintenance employs experienced tradesmen. We have certified Millwrights, Riggers, and Welders on staff. We also have an in house aerial and forklift trainer. 

Our Fabric Tension Building crews are well versed in the unique requirements of this type of construction; they are well trained on all types of Fabric Tension Construction bases as well as arch type.

We offer complete greenhouse installation services including: doors, ventilation, benching, irrigation and misting, motorized shade systems, blackout curtain systems, exterior roll down shades, as well as numerous other greenhouse goods and systems.

Garden Center Maintenance has completed over 2000 projects in 47 states and Puerto Rico. Some of our most memorable projects include:toolbar.

California Polytechnic – San Louis Obispo CA

Butterfly Wonderland – Scottsdale AZ

CAF Railway Stations – Elmira NY

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