GCMaintenance - Specialized Construction
About Us
Steve Lajoye established Garden Center Maintenance over ten years ago.  Steve is considered one of the most knowledgeable competent tradesmen in the field.  He has been consulted on green house design and construction techniques by some of the top manufacturers in the industry. Steve’s services are highly sought after.

Garden Center Maintenance employs experienced tradesmen: GCM has certified Millwrights, Riggers, and Welders on staff.  GCM has an in house aerial and forklift trainer.   

Garden Center Maintenance has completed over 2000 projects in 47 states and Puerto Rico.  Some of GCM’s most memorable projects include: 

California Polytechnic – San Louis Obispo CA


Butterfly Wonderland – Scottsdale AZ

CAF Railway Stations – Elmira NY

Whiting Naval Air Station - Milton FL

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